• The Aveda Tulsara Morning Awakening Ritual Kit

    Much of my skincare routine is left to the evenings – it’s when I have the most time as mornings are a bit of a rush. But I do like the idea of a morning ritual and starting your day as you mean to go on.  Of course anything with the words “radiant” and “awakening,” usually sparks my interest.

    The Aveda Tulsara Morning Awakening Ritual Kit (£65) consists of the Tulsara Radiant Dry Facial Brush and the Tulsara Radiant Oleation Oil.  Inspired by Ayurveda, Tulsara means to restore balance. This two-step process starts with using the Tulsara Radiant Dry Facial Brush for one minute in upwards and outwards motions from the décolletage to the forehead and then downwards and outwards in sweeping motions from the forehead to the décolletage.

    This is then followed by applying four pumps of the Tulsara Radiant Oleation Oil and massaging it into the face for one minute in back and forth movements from the décolletage to the forehead.  You then leave it on the skin for four minutes before following up with your normal skincare routine.  Since I don’t tend to have a skincare routine in the mornings, I wash this off with water and then use a flannel to pat my skin dry.

    The process of dry brushing helps to gently exfoliate the skin and promote natural cell turnover.  The soft, nylon bristles are very gentle on the skin and this brush is small enough to fit into the palm of your hands, making it ideal to cover the contours of your face.

    You can also buy the brush separately and I think this would be particularly beneficial for those who are sensitive to the more abrasive gel and cream exfoliators. Personally, I prefer the more traditional exfoliators or my Clarasonic as I like to feel like my skin is being exfoliated, although I am sure that a less harsh approach is probably better.

    The Tulsara Radiant Oleation Oil, which is suitable for all skin types, nourishes and restores hydration after exfoliating.  With six nourishing plant oils and aromas of organic rose, jasmine and geranium, it does just that. Unlike night oils, which are left on the skin and what I am used to, this does have to be removed and I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t wash off with just water.  However, I find that as long as I pat my skin dry with a flannel afterwards, this is not a problem.

    This might not be the recommended way of removing it but it works for me and I feel like I’m not negating all the effort of using this in the first place.  After using this my skin feels soft, brighter and relaxed in appearance.  It doesn’t interfere with my makeup application and finish and I also find I need to wear less moisturiser.

    It’s not just about the skincare benefits, but also restoring calm and taking the time to inhale the aromas.  In doing so this is meant to make you feel more centred.  Perhaps it’s more of a psychological thing but I find it does have that effect.  This may leave some people skeptical, but it’s certainly not something I would put into the gimmicky category.  However, you definitely need to have time in the mornings to get the full intended benefits.

    For that reason this is not something I use all the time but as a pick-me-up this is perfect and I think it works as a great gift for someone too.  It’s also a good thing that both items are sold separately.  The brush retails at £27 whilst the oil retails at £38.  In my opinion, you don’t have to use the two together, depending on what your skincare needs are.

    So to sum up, I think this is a great treat for the skin as well as your inner self which is worth it if you stick to a routine say at least once a week, but it’s not a necessity.  If you are constantly on the go then this won’t be for you although that said, it’s probably what you need to relax!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think though so do drop me a note in the comments below. x