• Huda Beauty Khaki Haze Obsessions Palette: Review & Swatches
  • Huda Beauty Khaki Haze Obsessions Palette: Review & Swatches

    A new palette for fall…

    I never really gave into the Huda Beauty hype when it first launched – those cute dinky palettes and must-haves although stunning, just didn’t quite intrigue me enough to part with my cash. I preferred to just admire from afar. To put it on a birthday wishlist is of course easier and the Khaki Haze Obsessions Palette did have my attention. The Haze Obsessions collection comprises of 3 colourways, Khaki, Purple and Sand but ever since I tried Mac’s Sumptious Olive, my love for golden, khaki coloured shades has grown so a palette with complimentary shades to match is just what I needed in my collection – Khaki Haze it was.

    The fact that these palettes are so miniature is so appealing. not just for the cuteness factor but for practical reasons too. I’m no makeup artist so I don’t need those humongous every colour you can think of palettes. What’s more, this one fills a gap in my collection and even though it’s very dinky, it still packs an impressive nine eyeshadows.

    With five matte shades and 4 shimmers which are more metallic pigments, the colours all compliment each other well. If you are a tad bored of your typical bronze-toned shades then this offers something different. However it’s not an everyday simple staple but rather more akin to a bold daytime look (which you can tone down by just going light on the pigments) or a great one for evenings or those special occasions.

    “…there’s no qualms in the blending department”

    The mattes are buttery soft, with the darker shades the most pigmented and there’s no qualms in the blending department. They work great as crease shades or to smoke out the eye. There’s always a home for various hues of matte browns and they perfectly compliment most of the eyeshadows in my collection.

    The pigments / metallic shimmers are the heroes of the palette and what makes it unique. I’m sure it wouldn’t take you long to guess that my faves are the golden and khaki hued ones. Best applied with the fingers, these reflect just the right amount of metallic shimmer without making you look like a glitter ball. In the day I tend to apply one gentle swipe but it’s easily buildable for added glamour.

    Row 1

    #1 / bottom swatch: Soft muted gold with metallic sheen and shimmer particles.

    #2 / top left swatch: matte pinky-peach and quite sheer.

    #3 / top right swatch: pinky peach metallic sheen with shimmer.

    Row 2

    #4 / bottom swatch: matte dark taupe-brown.

    #5 / top left swatch: matte medium brown with a slight olive undertone.

    #6 / top right swatch: khaki-toned gold metallic shimmer.

    Row 3

    #7 / bottom swatch: matte medium brown with slight reddish undertone.

    #8 / top left swatch: coppery gold with pink and gold metallic shimmer.

    #9 / top right swatch: matte lighter brown with slight orange undertone

    There seems to be mixed reviews on this palette but this rich, olive and caramel infused palette with hints of pink and peach is a winner for me. What do you think? x