• The Sunday Edit: A Bit Obsessed with Pinterest

    Sunday edit pinterest obessesed 1

    This week I’ve been nursing a cold, sore throat, body aches and all that nasty stuff (boo).  It’s not great and it meant I wasn’t able to get this Thursday’s post up….so much for keeping up with a blogging schedule where I could be ahead of the game.  I guess life does have a habit of getting in the way and if anything it’s taught me I shouldn’t so hard on myself all the time, especially when blogging is not meant to be a chore.

    I was on a roll with the exercise thing too so feel a bit bummed that I have to go back to square one and build up that stamina again, as for me being able to do 25 minutes of cardio without feeling like I’ve lost the will to live is an achievement (I know it’s not that much but for me it’s a lot) – I hope the gap I’ve had this week won’t set me back too much.  My room also needs a bit of a clear out and the clutter is starting to get to me and as I’m writing this I’m beginning to realise that I really don’t like it when things get in the way of my plans, but it’s ok, I’m going to use this as an excuse to just breathe, relax and tell myself that IT CAN WAIT.

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    So, whilst I’ve been nursing my cold and trying to rid myself of the anxiety of having to put my exercise and cleaning goals on hold for a while, I’ve found Pinterest has really kept my head in the clouds and that’s never a bad thing.  Ever since I’ve discovered Pinterest I can’t stop pinning away and I have an obsession with seeking inspiration for flatlays (of course), hairstyles and high-end fashion gowns.  I’m also having some serious fashion envy over Olivia Palermo (does she ever set a foot wrong?), been getting all giddy over stationary and those endless beauty storage ideas make me want to get on with that makeup cull I’ve been planning.

    Pinterest really brings out the dreamer in me and is a great way to escape reality (just what I need).  If you want to see what sorts of things float my boat then check out my account here.  In fact, if you have any recommendations for some great Pinterest accounts to follow, let me know in the comments below, the more inspiration the better.

    Hopefully next week will bring back some normality…lets see.  By the way, be sure to check out my Jo Malone giveaway here.  In the meantime stay well.  x

    Sunday edit pinterest obessesed 2