• The Sunday Edit: Looking Ahead but Still in Wind Down Mode

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    What is it about December where you automatically wind down and give yourself an excuse to just wait until next year?  Even though my 2 weeks staycation is coming to a close and tomorrow I begin a full working week after what seems like an eternity, I’m still secretly in holiday mode.  I mean it’s technically only 2 weeks to Christmas and then it’s the holidays again…..now that’s just good timing on my part.

    So did I get all the things done I wanted to in my time off and way ahead of the blogging schedule like I planned?  Well yes and no.  I got loads of photos taken and I’m somewhat ahead on the posts but as usual I never really realised how tired I actually was.  As someone who ends up leaving my holidays until the end of the year that normally means I’m totally and utterly drained and those early start mornings to take my blog photos went well in the first week but by the second week I began to waiver.  It’s all about balance though, something I’ve been trying to regain after what has been a pretty hectic year.

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    I more than made up for it with some shopping.  I may have gone a little crazy but that’s what happens when you have time off….a sentence I repeated to nearly every shop assistant that came in my path.  None of the items were bargains and I’m sure I’ll regret it when they get marked down in the sales – clearly I am very impatient, when I want something I really can’t wait.

    Another thing I can’t wait for is 2017.  Inevitably this time of the year makes you think of the future more like any other and it also makes me wishful of getting back into normality be it diet, exercise, blogging and yes, even work.  There is nothing like a bit of routine and as much as I love my down time, relaxing and all those things you are meant to do to take care of yourself, without routine, being busy or just having a sense of purpose, I’m lost.

    In December though I struggle to really put anything meaningful into effect as there is this feeling of everything being on hold.  It’s like an unwritten rule……the new hopes dreams, goals and wishes are for the new year hence why I really can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.  I’m getting ahead of myself I know but I’m incredibly optimistic of the year ahead.  Gotta to have that positivity….right?  In the mean time I guess I’ll just relax bit more, I deserve it and something tells me it’s going to be all systems go in 2017 so I might as well make the most of it while I can.

    Next week I’ve got some more festive posts planned for you – there’s my festive makeup essentials as well as my favourite party accessories which will hopefully give you some inspiration if you’ve got some Christmas and New Year parties to go or if not, then maybe you can put them on your wish list for 2017!

    Take care and see you next week.  x

    Sunday edit getting back into the swing of things 0912