• What I Love in Spring

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    With blossoms on the trees, the days getting longer and the sun starting to make a regular appearance, Spring is definitely well and truly in the air.  As the seasons change so does my taste be it perfume, my makeup to just things in general so I thought I’d share a round-up of all the things I love in Spring.

    A transitional coat.  Whilst I love my Winter coats, anything too bulky just weighs you down and there’s nothing like stepping into Spring with a transitional coat – I have an off-white one from last year which is so Spring esq.

    Pastels.  Pastel anything just speaks Spring to me. Whether it is stationery, clothing or accessories, if it’s pastel I’m instantly drawn to it at the moment.

    Lighter nail colours.  Keeping in line with the pastel theme, I love experimenting with those “dolly mixture” type colours on the nails – pale pink and beige are my go to’s this time of the year, see my post here on some of my favourite nail varnishes.

    Floral scents.  Now is the time when I say goodbye to my heavier scents and instead I welcome in lighter floral fragrances.  At the moment I’m loving Mon Paris by YSL.

    Butterflies.  Spring reminds me of butterflies and seeing them always brings a smile to my face – it’s why they nearly always feature in my blog photos.

    Blossoms on the trees.  Don’t the streets just look amazing with pink blossoms?  Again just another one of those things that brings a smile to my face.

    Lace.  Whilst lace is a fabric you can wear anytime of the year, in Spring it is just so pretty especially if it’s in a pastel shade.

    Peach makeup.  When it comes to makeup in the Spring, peach is such a lovely hue and anyone can carry it off.  Check out my favourite peach makeup products here.

    Eating healthy.  No one feels like eating salad in Winter but come Spring I start to crave more fruit and veg – never a bad thing and hopefully my waistline will thank me for it

    Afternoon tea.  Ok so slight contradiction to the above point but you’ve gotta sneak in some tea and scones…right!

    So what about you, what do you love in Spring?  Let me know in the comments below. x