• A Bobbi Brown Brush Haul

    bobbi brown brush haul

    I’m no makeup artist but even I know that if you invest a bit in the right tools it makes makeup application that much easier and quicker – something I’m in great need of most mornings.

    Over the years I’ve gradually built up my brush collection but there were some items that I needed to get rid of as they were just not doing the job anymore.  That’s where these Bobbi Brown brushes come in and although mega pricey, I’ve been using these on a regular basis now and I thought I’d give you a quick overview.

    From top to bottom first comes the Eye Blender Brush at £25.50 which is probably my favourite of the three.  This is a great eyeshadow blending tool which is so soft it smoothes out any harsh lines with ease and you can also use it to set your under eye concealer.  I only use it to blend my eyeshadow – just a few quick sweeps across the eyelids and I’m good to go.

    In the middle is the Sheer Powder Brush at £30, which I use to apply loose powder.  Previously my powder brushes have always been on the large side but this allows for more precision allowing me to apply powder where I need it most.  If you want you can even use this as a contour brush as it has a slightly tapered end.

    Lastly is the Blush Brush at £35, which as its name suggests, is my blusher brush.  Now I was a bit wary of this at first, as this dome-shaped brush is on the larger side of what I’m used to but I tend to use the tip  to apply my blusher and the flat side to blend it out.  This is the most dense of the three so I always go in with a light hand.

    The cons?  The price obviously and I do find that the Sheer Powder Brush does shed hairs – it’s not a lot but I do have to watch out for this from time to time.

    All in all these are good sturdy brushes which even after a good clean keep their shape.  Whilst they do set you back a bit, you can’t go too wrong with Bobbi Brown.

    That said, if I was going to recommend only one, it’d be the Eye Blender Brush as it makes an eyeshadow newbie like me look like a pro (well maybe not a pro but close enough)!

    What are your favourite makeup brushes?  I’d love to know.