• Sunday Catch-Up & I Heart Blushing Hearts

    I think the cold weather is definitely making me more tired.  Or it could just as easily be the fact that I’ve been burning the midnight oil.  Sure, I might not be running anything close to an empire, but even in my own little world of setting up my business on Etsy and blogging, I realise that I am now “everything”.  Whether it’s promoting my work on social media (which by the way I think is a full time job), to preparing photos for both of my ventures, editing and the like, it can get a bit much and the weekends and weekdays just blur into one.

    This week was all about getting the shop set up, start some initial promotion on social media and increase my listings.  I also changed up a few things on my blog.  My about page needed a revamp and I’ve added a section for my shop which you can check out here.  Of course I didn’t realise how much work combined with now what is another project, this would all be.  I’m getting there but should probably try not to do everything all at once.

    It also doesn’t help that it’s only been a week since I opened up my shop on Etsy and I’m expecting miracles – I told you I was a dreamer!  I keep reminding myself to BE PATIENT!  Anyway, I feel like I can breathe a bit now and start getting a better handle on balancing everything out, but I shouldn’t speak so soon.

    At least sharing my new makeup and beauty buys with you keeps me sane and there have been two blushers in particular that I want to share with you.  It’s the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts by Tam Beauty, the team behind Makeup Revolution. They aren’t anything new to be honest, but I’ve been seeing heart-shaped blushers in everyone’s feeds and in blog photos and admittedly felt like I needed these in my life.  I know Too Faced also do something similar but these are brilliant dupes and way cheaper at just £4.99.

    Although I may have initially bought them because being heart-shaped and uber girly they are aesthetically pleasing, they are actually very nice to wear too.  I bought Candy Queen of Hearts, a blusher and Iced Hearts, which is a highlighter and both are a trio of colours with shimmer.

    Candy Queen of Hearts adds a nice pink hue to the cheeks.  On the top left is a soft frosted pink, followed by a frosted peach in the middle and then a slightly more coppery peachy pink on the right.  You could wear the colours individually but they are best when mixed together in my opinion and probably the way you are meant to wear these.  The shimmer is subtle and you are left with a healthy flush to the cheeks.  It’ a true pink I would say and very natural-looking.

    I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Candy Queen of Hearts

    Iced Hearts has all my favourites tones in a highlighter packed into one.  On the top left is a soft gold, in the middle is a pale-pink with a golden undertone followed by a warm-toned, peachy gold with a subtle bronze undertone on the right.  It doesn’t pack a punch like some of my other highlighters, but it’s a good day option when you just want something subtle.  I also like wearing this on top of my blusher, something I can’t do with my other highlighters and when I wear it this way it leaves a soft, iridescent sheen on the cheeks.

    I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Iced Hearts

    For the price, the quality is amazing and lets face it, they look so pretty and are so well named too that I can’t help but heart Blushing Hearts!

    So, have you tried these before?  What do you think?