• My Favourite Products for that Undone Hair Look
  • My Favourite Products for that Undone Hair Look

    Embracing Undone, Tousled Hair…

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | feat hair styling products on dressing table_

    I wish my hair would behave consistently.  Unlike makeup where I know those tried and tested products and techniques will deliver results every time, I don’t seem to have the same luck with hair.  My hair has a mind of its own.  Whilst I don’t have particularly unruly hair, what works one day doesn’t necessarily work the next.  That’s why I’ve started to embrace the undone, tousled hair look.

    That effortless look might be much sought after, but for me at least, it’s far from effortless to create.  I do find the whole method counter-productive because I go through the process of styling my hair only to then undo it all to create that “I just got out of bed like this look”.  I’ve realised it’s the only way since if I was to let my hair dry naturally and just work product into it, my hair would be a limp, frizzy mess – no joke.  Also, since my hair is quite thick and dark with minimal layers, that surfer look doesn’t work for me. Instead, I go for loose waves with sheen and natural volume.  So, to get that imperfect, perfect look I have a concoction of various products and techniques I turn to which you can find out about below.

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | feat close up of Aveda Hair Volumizing Tonic

    Prep The Hair

    The relaxed, undone hair vibe is all about texture, but it still needs to look like healthy hair.  I therefore stick to my normal moisturising shampoos and conditioners and instead concentrate on styling products to achieve the look I want.  Volume, however, is a must.  The natural-looking kind that is for which the Aveda Volumizing Tonic is my all-time favourite.  I’ve reviewed this in my Aveda Haul and a spritz of this tonic pre blow drying gives me natural, voluminous hair.

    Another pre-styling but rather new favourite is the IGK Hair Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel.  Worked through the mid-lengths on towel-dried hair, this creamy gel is great for those care-free, undone and casual hairstyles.  It provides separation and hold without weighing the hair down.  There’s no crisp feeling afterwards and it’s also good at taming my frizz.  Like with most products, a little goes a long way to get that lived-in look that’s still healthy and shiny.  I only wish it smelt a bit more like coconuts though but other than that this is a great product to use on the hair as it really helps to define and hold a curl.

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | feat IGK Rich kid Coconut Oil Gel

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | curling tongs on dressing table

    Undone Hair Means Undone Curls

    I find undone hair works best on second-day hair when it has a bit more grit and texture.  As my hair isn’t naturally wavy, I rely on curling tongs to create waves.  The trick, however, is to not be so prescriptive with your curls.

    I tend to curl different sized strands – some large, some thinner – and I vary how long I hold the curl for each strand.  This ensures that my curls aren’t so uniform, giving a more relaxed look.

    Depending on how tight the curls, once the hair has cooled down I then gently brush through the hair using either my fingers or a large paddle brush.

    For Those Sexy Beach Waves A Salt Spray is a Must

    Effortless beachy waves and salt spray go hand in hand.  Salt sprays provide volume, hold and texture with an almost matte look that’s reminiscent of bed-head hair.  My personal favourite is the Ouai Wave Spray.  This clever cocktail of amino acids, tamarind seed, keratin, amo oil, hibiscus and jasmine creates lust-worthy hair without that stiff and crunchy feel.  With Ouai’s signature “smart technology” my hair remains bouncy and retains its style for days to come.

    And it’s all the better since it smells divine with a blend of sandalwood, white musk, patchouli, Italian lemon and magnolia.  My preference is to use this spray after curling my hair; it adds volume and hold, thereby enhancing the curls for those sexy beach waves we all desire.

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | feat Ouai Wave Spray

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | feat IGK Jetlag Invisible Dry Shampoo

    Cheat That Undone Hair Look With a Dry Shampoo

    So not only is dry shampoo great for those times when you need a quick refresh in between washes, but it’s my go-to for self imposing second-day hair.  It also adds volume and keeps my undone hair going for longer.  That’s why I’m loving the IGK Hair Jetlag Invisible Dry Shampoo.  If you are not a fan of Batissse hair, then this is what you need.  There’s no white residue and it doesn’t dry out the hair.

    Although I don’t think you can ever escape that slightly coarse feeling your hair has when you use a dry shampoo, this is far better than most.  It doesn’t take much of this to refresh the hair for days on end and it also works well to add texture. Depending on my needs, I’ll often use this to texturise the mid-lengths or add volume to my roots.

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | feat Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine

    Add a Polishing Cream

    Why the Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine is so underrated I really don’t know.  I’ve repurchased this wonder hair product many a time and raved about it in this post here.  Since serums can make the hair a bit soft, this hair polish adds shine whilst still maintaining the undone look.  In fact, it’s perfect for that.  Although you can use it on damp hair as well, I prefer to run it through dry hair and it gives this matte-gloss finish (if there was such a thing).

    The creamy formula works better at holding your style in place and with a gorgeous sheen and scent to match, I really can’t recommend this enough.

    Add A Spritz of Shine Spray for Good Measure

    Sometimes an overuse of salt spray, dry shampoo and the like can leave the hair looking a little bit dull.  That’s certainly not the look I want to go for so a subtle spritz of my favourite shine sprays restores vitality back into the hair.  And since it’s just a fine mist I need, it doesn’t interfere with all that hard work.  For extra glam, I love the Vernon François Dazz-Ling Spritz Shine Spray.  The subtle glitter particles really help bring out the brunette tones in my hair.

    Another great one is the Toni & Guy Illuminating Hair Perfume.  I love hair products that add shine and as ever a gorgeous fragrance is a must.  So, with a fresh, zesty smell with a hint of sweetness, this is the perfect way to finish of any hair look.

    My Favourite Products for That Undone Hair Look | feat hair styling products on dressing table close up_

    These essentials are definitely my favourites for that effortless, chic and undone hair look.  What about you….are you a fan of this look and what products do you go for? x