• A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces
  • A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces

    Filling the Gaps in My Wardrobe…

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Zara lace Top & shoes styled on bed_

    If I was to describe my personal style, I’d say it was smart casual, but leaning more towards the smart side of things.  I’ve never been one to be able to rock the t-shirt, jeans and trainers look.  Instead I’m more of a jeans with a pretty top and a cardigan sort of girl.  I like pretty fabrics, subtle details, gems, bows, sequins and ruffles.  Basically anything girly with that touch of elegance is my thing.

    For the most part I’ve been sensible by making use of what I already have since most of the clothes buried deep in my wardrobe are still as good as gold. But we all know there comes a point when a bit of a wardrobe update is needed.  For me it tends to come either when I’m stuck in a bit of a fashion rut and need that pick-me-up, or when the seasons change.  There’s something about the warmer weather that certainly makes me feel like I have nothing to wear!  That said, I do find it hard to shop in spring and summer.  I much prefer cozy winter and autumn attire and with the weather so changeable here in the UK, it can be hard getting that balance.

    “a simple scarf or carrying a different coloured handbag is a great way to spruce up an outfit…”

    So, other than when it gets über hot, I tend to go for items that I can get wear out of all year round and opt for colours that I know work well with other items in my wardrobe.  Equally, I find just a simple scarf or carrying a different coloured handbag is a great way to spruce up an outfit and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing of late. In fact, I’ve been quite proud of my fashion purchases lately.  They’ve filled that gap I had in my wardrobe, fit my style, are practical, (well for the most part), and I know these key fashion pieces will see me through all seasons.  Read on to find out more about my wardrobe updates and hopefully you’ll gain some inspiration of your own.


    A Longline Blazer

    Lightweight jackets is something I struggle with.  Whilst I love the idea of more summer appropriate colours, they are not always the most practical when it comes to “going with everything”.  And since I didn’t have a lightweight black jacket, (which I personally think is very necessary), I opted for this Black Zara Long Loose Fit Blazer.  It does also come in a variety of colours including bright blue, pink and white but black for me at least is a wardrobe staple.

    I think it looks best worn with denim.  The three quarter sleeves with turn-up cuffs gives it a bit more of a relaxed, casual feel and the subtle pearl detail on the cuffs adds a lovely bit of interest to what what would otherwise be a boring black blazer.  The length and fabric is perfect and it can work in both formal and casual scenarios.

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Accessorize Double Handle Bucket Bag in Pink styled on bed_


    A Blush Day Bag

    I much favour smaller bags these days.  Gone are the days where I have the stamina to lug around an oversized bag packed full of “just in case” items.  Against my small frame they can sometimes look and feel overbearing, which is why this Accessorize Pink Double Handle Bucket Bag is ideal.  It’s the perfect compromise.  This mini, not so mini day bag has enough space to carry my essentials and also comes with a detachable long strap.

    Again, available in a number of other colours, the pale pink is a more neutral and versatile option.  I even took this bag with me when flying to Barcelona last week and pretty much carried it everywhere I went.  The only thing it’s missing is a main zip or button to close the bag but there is a separate zipped compartment inside.  Overall I love this bag.

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Accessorize Double Handle Bucket Bag in Pink_


    A Top That Adds That Pop of Colour

    Neutral colours aside, I do have a weakness for jewel-tones.  This Mango Flared Sleeve Blouse in one of my favourites colours, emerald green, was a must-have.  A pop of colour instantly makes my wardrobe feel updated for spring and summer and the flowy fabric is perfect for warm, sunny days whilst still working well under a blazer or cardigan.

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Mango Green Top with Sfera Green Pearl Cross Body Bag on bed with sunglasses

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Massimo Dutti Nude Ballerinas_


    Those All-Important Comfortable But Stylish Flats

    Most of my shoe purchases start off with all the sensible checks for comfort as well as of course looking aesthetically pleasing, but somewhere along the line they’ll end up pinching my feet.  As I’m getting older, the need for comfortable footwear is ever so important and if only my younger self heeded that advice!  Never one to compromise on style, I’ve literally raided the Massimo Dutti shoe collection.  It’s not an obvious place I would shop for shoes but after buying and absolutely loving these Nude Leather Ballerinas, I went back to the store on the hunt for more.

    It therefore wasn’t long before I nabbed the Black Ballerinas, which are in an animal-print-embossed leather.  I find with black shoes and flats in particular, you can have many but there will always be a pair that you pretty much wear all the time and I know this will be “that pair”.  The perfect point elongates the leg making them a great day and night option when you don’t want to wear heels and they are honestly so comfortable.

    For good measure and because I didn’t have anything like this in my shoe collection, I also bought these Tan Leather Slippers.  Whilst all three are pricey options for shoes, ranging between £70 & £80, you get what you pay for – classy, elegant and very comfortable.  What’s more, the gold metallic detailing on the heels of all three pairs is stunning and if I see a pair of the ballerinas in navy, I’m on it!

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Massimo Dutti shoes


    A Bright Coloured Bag

    Keeping with the theme of a pop of colour, I couldn’t resist the key fashion accessory this season – a bright coloured bag.  This Green Pearl Cross-Body Bag was a purchase from Sfera in Barcelona but here’s something similar from Accessorize.  The chain strap and pearl details make this a stand-out piece and I can so see emerald green being my colour this season.

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Sfera Green Pearl Cross Body Bag on dressing table setting

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat close up of Zara lace top



    An Oh So Pretty Lace Top

    Lace has to be one of the most feminine fabrics around, so no doubt I love it.  This Zara Lace Top has adorable black piping detail on the sleeves and neckline whilst the t-shirt style length and sleeves still gives it that casual look.  The pinkish rose gold tone is so on trend and paired with black is perfection.  I prefer to wear a camisole underneath but since the pattern is not so sheer, you could just get away with a nude bra underneath.  Either way, it’s a style that never really goes out of fashion and provided it washes well, I hope to get a lot of use out of this top.

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Zara lace top & shoes styled on bed with glasses and perfume


    Some Lightweight Scarves

    It may seem a little odd thinking about scarves but the weather in the UK is so unpredictable that a lightweight scarf never goes amiss.  There’s somewhat of a comfort factor about having a scarf wrapped around your neck or casually draped across the shoulders and it’s one of those fashion accessories that can instantly update an old outfit.  At the very least it’s always handy to have for the evenings when there can be that slight nip in the air.

    My chunky scarves and blankets have been put away in favour of the more free-flowing options like this Accessorize Silk Scarf.  The oversized tulip design fits in with the floral theme that’s so in this season and it also opens up quite wide so you can wear it several ways.

    Another favourite is this Oliver Bonas Foil Scarf.  The soft pastel hues and print coupled with gold foil detailing surprisingly makes this a very versatile option that doesn’t clash with anything in my wardrobe.  This one is great as a wrap-around, giving just the right level of warmth without being too over-bearing and heavy.

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Zara beige with black sequins kitten heel close up


    An Elegant Pair of Shoes

    I thought I’d save the best to last with these  Zara Sequinned Slingbacks.  The black flower sequins against a beige base makes for an elegant pair of shoes.  The kitten heel adds just that little bit of height and although I’m not a massive fan of the kitten heel, these are amazingly comfortable.  Great for glamourising any outfit, be it jeans or something a bit more dressy, I just couldn’t resist adding these to my wardrobe.

    A Wardrobe Update With Some Key Fashion Pieces | feat Zara beige with black sequins kitten heel

    So there it is.  With just a few updates to my wardrobe I feel like I’ve got some key fashion pieces that will see me through all seasons.  Perhaps when the hot weather decides to stay I’ll be having another fashion update, but for now I can effectively incorporate these items into my existing wardrobe.

    What about you…what key updates have you made to your wardrobe lately?