• Sharing My Other Obsession: A New Item of Stationery

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    Other than makeup and beauty products, my other obsession is stationery.  I’ve even dedicated a Board to it on Pinterest (check it out here www.pinterest.com/franklyflawless) and I can’t wait to add more cool pins to this Board.

    I was also one of those kids in school that looked forward to buying a new pencil-case complete with a ruler, rubber, sharpener, pencil and pen at the start of a new term….you know what I’m talking about?  Well, little has changed really and even though I work in an office where I have easy access to the basics, it’s all too functional and boring so I prefer to buy my own pretty notepads and post it notes, even though everyone around me thinks I am crazy.

    Now, when it comes to blogging, it was only inevitable that I would jump at the opportunity to seek out something where I could record my thoughts and ideas for posts and that’s where this gorgeous List Book comes in handy, which I picked up from Paperchase for just £8.

    I’m not quite ready for a whole planner yet but I wanted something which would serve as a notebook and to-do list in one and this List Book is great as not only does it have a to-do list, there’s also a ruled tear-off notepad on the right, but the bit I love the most is that it has a selection of different sticky notes, ideal for when I want to book mark anything.

    I’ve already been using this and as well being really pretty, it serves it’s purpose too and it’s compact enough to fit easily into my handbag so I can carry it on the go as you just never know when inspiration for a new blog post is going to come your way!

    So, are you a stationery geek like me or what’s your “other” obsession….?  Let me know in the comments below. x

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