• Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder

    NARS POWDER 2407 2

    NARS 2407

    When it comes to setting powder I’m in the camp that has to wear it on top of my foundation no matter what.  My skin is not overly oily or anything but I just love the finish it gives to the skin and working in an office all day there are only so many times you can check your face in the mirror if you know what I mean, so wearing powder just gives me that bit of comfort.

    I’m more of a loose powder gal but now and then I sway towards a pressed powder simply because it’s something I know I can carry around with me in my handbag if needs be and for that I recently bought the Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder.

    Although very white in the pan, this is completely translucent and infused with Photochromic Technology which is basically a fancy term for diffusing light and adjusting to new sources of light throughout the day so that fine lines, wrinkles and pores look reduced.  As well as perfecting the appearance of your skin, this setting powder promises to make your foundation last longer and control shine throughout the day.

    In the standard sleek and black Nars packaging, I like the fact that this comes equipped with a mirror and a pouch and unlike other pressed powders I’ve used you don’t get that powder fall out in the pan when you swirl your brush in it.  I find the best way to apply this is by using a slightly more denser brush and lightly pressing it on to the face.  This works better for me than using an all over sweeping and buffing in motion which is normally what I do when applying loose powder.

    Now, in terms of the promised glow and visibly reduced pores and lines that this promises to give, I would say yes it does do that but where this falls short for me is the shine control and overall wear.  I definitely noticed shine creeping up a lot quicker than normal and at the end of the day certain areas of my face were a bit patchier, nothing too major but I haven’t had any problems before.

    As this doesn’t give me enough staying power, I’m not really using it for everyday wear but for a quick touch up or an evening out I like to use this.  I think it might even work better for me in the Autumn / Winter so I’ll have to update you in due course.

    Overall, I like this product but I don’t love it and at £26.50 I wish it did help my makeup last a full working day.  That’s just my experience though, have you tried this?  Let me know your thoughts below.