• A Sunscreen For the Face I Actually Get On With

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    Applying sunscreen on my face is not one of my favourite things to do.  I know how important it is but honestly if there was a way to skip it, I would.  That really isn’t an option though so I have been on the hunt for something that would work well under my foundation, doesn’t give that dreaded white cast, doesn’t make my skin feel greasy and most importantly, doesn’t break me out and I’ve finally found it in the Cane & Austin SPF 50+ Ultra Sheer Weightless Sunscreen (long name I know).

    I know you get foundations and moisturisers with SPF already built in but I prefer to wear a separate sunscreen as I feel like I’m getting more protection that way.  With an SPF of 50+ this offers a very good level of protection against UVA and UVB rays and there are also a number of other skin care benefits too like antioxidants such as Green Tea, Vitamin E and CoQ10.

    I think sunscreens generally do make your skin feel a bit more oily than normal and in the summer months I find that my skin behaves a bit differently, but all in all my skin reacts well to this product and nothing that a primer and a bit of blotting can’t sort out (for reference I have normal combination skin).  The colour and consistency is like milk which is what makes this product weightless so that it absorbs into the skin quickly, you can use this on top of or under your moisturiser, it sits well under makeup and as with any sunscreen, I’d recommend a thorough double cleanse at night so that your skin remains in the best condition possible.

    After trying a few sunscreens for the face, I can honestly say that this is one product I do get on with and would happily wear this all year round.  It’s currently on sale in Beauty Bay so do check this out if you are interested and if you have any other recommendations then please let me know in the comments below.  x

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