• Brow Products on Rotation

    Whilst I think that well kept and shaped brows are super important, they frame the face after all, it’s just not a product I get overly excited about.  Important yes, but it’s more of a functional product for me and I happily flutter between high-end and drugstore brands.  Saying that though, I realised I’ve accumulated a few brow products of late, so in the interest of giving them some attention as well as making an effort to use things up before moving on to another purchase, I’ve got four on rotation.  Each do what they say and for now at least make me feel like I’ve got the brow department well and truly covered.

    First up is the Benefit Gimme Brow.  This is also a volumising brow gel but I prefer just use it to set my eyebrows.  Since it imparts colour too, it’s great to use on its own, or in addition to other eyebrow products. The perfectly sized teeny tiny wand allows for precision and coats all of the hairs.  It doesn’t make your eyebrows feel stiff and lasts very well too.  It only comes in three colours though and I have the shade medium, which luckily is a perfect match.

    I’ve spoken about the YSL Couture Brow Marker before and I’m sure I told you that at first I thought it was not going to be a product I would get on with.  I mean it looks like a felt tip pen!  Well I was wrong and I probably turn to this more than anything else.  It’s actually a lot more subtle than it looks and therefore easy to control the application so you can build the colour up to get a darker, more defined brow.

    The angled tip is great for perfecting your arch and this is quick and easy to use.  It’s not the best for über fine brows perhaps and nor for drawing in very fine hairs, but for someone like me who prefers a more natural and fuller brow, this is perfect.  The shade range is limited though and there’s only two available – light brown and dark brown.

    Next up is the L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert Eyebrow Pencil.  Affordable at £6.99, this is a good product but it’s not something I prefer to use over my other products.   This is purely because I don’t find the precision is there and the formula is slightly chalky.  Nothing I can’t work with or that is necessarily noticeable when applied, I just think there are better cheaper alternatives so when this finishes, I wouldn’t repurchase.

    Lastly I have the cult favourite the Anastasia Brow Wiz.  When I first bought this I didn’t really get the hype, but after putting it aside and then revisiting this, I am now fully on board!  I love the precision you can get, there are a range of colours available and it’s got one of the best, sturdy spoooleys at the end.  It’s great for recreating and defining the shape of your brows when you’ve gone a bit tweezer happy and it looks very natural.

    Like I said, I find brow products pretty much bog standard and as long as I have a good colour match and a product that will keep my brows looking simple and natural, then I’m happy.  These products pretty much fit that bill but I probably don’t need all four and if I was to just pick one, then it would have to be the Anastasia Brow Wiz.

    So that’s my choice though, but what about you?  What’s your preferred brow product?