• Some Winter Skin Care Staples

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    I’m definitely an autumn/winter girl……coats, scarves gloves the lot, I just love it.  I’ve mentioned this before in my Winter Essentials post here but if there is one bug bear I have about this time of the year it’s that my skin is always drier than normal.  Of course having the heating on full blast doesn’t help but what can you do? Luckily I’ve got two favourites that relieve that problem in an instant.

    The first is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.  I don’t know why I initially hesitated to buy this.  I think it was because I  thought it would be heavy and greasy and when I think of a mask I think of something you have to wash off (I am a bit old school like that)!  Ok….so I was wrong.  This is essentially a moisture replacement mask and I only use a pea-sized amount to get the desired effects.  Its ingredients include avocado and apricot kernels as well as Japanese seaweed which helps repair the skin’s barrier and prevent future dehydration.

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    Whilst I love my overnight serums like the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (see my post on this here), sometimes you just want something more heavy-duty and a cream formula gives that real feel of a moisturiser. Although thick and creamy in texture, remarkably it sinks into the skin effortlessly and does not look and feel greasy.  In fact, the results are instantaneous.   Overall my skin is left feeling refreshed, supple, smooth and hydrated and it can even be used on dry patches like the elbows and knees but perhaps keep it away from the lips!

    For those dry hands my go-to and all-time favourite has to be the Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, which is ideal for severe dryness caused by exposure to harsh elements and manual labour.  Now my hands ain’t that bad and I definitely don’t do much manual labour but it’s still good enough to use for every day.  This contains a blend of botanical oils and natural wax derived from olive oil which soothes and conditions the skin.   I find I hardly have to reapply this throughout the day as it creates a protective barrier against moisture loss hence the effects last for ages, even after washing your hands.  The smell is quite medicinal which does disappear so if you are looking for something more fruity smelling then this isn’t for you, but often I find that the hands creams which are scent free are often the most effective.

    Both of these products are my winter skin care staples and I can’t recommend them enough.  They are just always good to have to hand in your stash.  So what are your winter skin care staples? x