• Some More Charlotte Tilbury Products To Add To My Collection

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    You’ve gotta love the grander than grand Charlotte Tilbury counters right?  It’s like a makeup exhibition within a department store.  When it comes to the really premium brands like Charlotte Tilbury, I very rarely buy on impulse, apart from this time of course.  That does mean though that of the three items I bought, one of them doesn’t take my fancy, but oh well I might find another use for it later down the line.

    Firstly is the Brow Lift Pencil.  It shows how little I knew about this when I bought it because it was only when I tried this at home that I realised a highlighter pops out and it was purely by accident that I discovered it!  So yes, basically this is a 3 in 1 brow product that has an arched pencil with slightly rounded corners on one end, a spooley on the other end and then the pure genius and little surprise bit is a golden beige brow highlighter which you unscrew to reveal.  This comes in three shades, each named after three supermodels: Cara D which is the darkest of the three, Brooke S a medium brown shade and Grace K the lightest of the three.  I have Brooke S and it is a perfect colour match.  Despite being a little bid fiddly to screw back together again I really rate this as an eyebrow product and the highlighter is what makes it so unique.

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    Next up is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Coachella Coral.  This is a medium coral pink  which has a satin opaque finish and is true to colour.  This is a perfect day wear lip colour as it adds just the right amount of pop to the lips without being too overbearing.

    The last product and the one which is a miss for me is the Beach Stick in Moon Beach.  Eh….I wanted to like this but it just doesn’t float my bloat.  This a multi-tasking product to use both on the lips and the cheeks. It leaves a dewy finish but the colour payoff just isn’t that great.  I suppose cream lip and cheek products aren’t really my thing so I’m not sure what I was thinking.  I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts though, maybe I need to find another way of applying it.

    Despite not loving the Beach Stick I’m pleased with the other two products and recommend you try them out if you get the chance.

    So do you have any other Charlotte Tilbury recommendations?  I’d love to know. x