• Skincare: Three Products to Help Boost Radiance & Get that Glow
  • Skincare: Three Products to Help Boost Radiance & Get that Glow

    Some Radiance Boosters….

    I hope everyone and their loved ones are staying safe and well. It’s difficult times right now but I hope if nothing else my blog serves as little light relief from all the anxiety and possibly boredom. I’ll be working from home during the week but admittedly I let my blog (my hobby) slide in the past year. But now more than ever I’m glad I still have my creative outlet, although I wish it wasn’t in these circumstances that made me realise I should get back into blogging again – especially since I had some pending content I admittedly was too lazy to post up until now.

    Self-care is so important for everyone right now and it means different things to different people; for me it’s exercise and my guilty pleasure – beauty and skincare! And when it comes to skincare it’s all about radiance and that all-important glow so I’m sharing three products that will help give your skin that boost it needs.

    A targeted radiance serum

    Facial oils and serums are my go-to when I want to glow from within. I like to think of it as feeding my skin with all the goodness it needs and a new kid on the block for me is the Odacite Green Tea and Lemongrass Radiance Effect Serum.

    Quite oily in texture, this dinky little thing really helps restore the skin’s radiance. Its key ingredients being green tea and lemongrass help to beat dullness and the zingy smell makes it refreshing to use as well. In fact, the lemongrass adds some super toning properties too so I feel like this is a great multi-tasker.

    Don’t be fooled by the size and think you’ll be finishing this in no time. Like I said, it’s quite oily in texture and quite literally a drop or two is more than enough to get all the skin radiance benefits you need. If I apply too much of this stuff it doesn’t absorb as well so less is definitely more. My skin feels super soft and luminous come morning so if you are in the market for trying out a new serum come facial oil this is a good one.

    This is a nifty little range as there’s a product out there for all your skincare concerns – just take your pick and customise to your hearts content. I obviously picked radiance, but there’s options for pimples, hyperpigmentation, glow, sagging skin, hydration and so much more. You can find out more here.

    A dose of vitamin C

    We all know vitamin C is good for us and its introduction in skincare is no new thing. I personally love skincare that has a healthy dose of vitamin C as it’s right up there in the skin radiance and glow giving properties.

    If you can be a little lazy with your skincare from time to time then the Rodial Vit C Brightening Cleansing Pads are perfect. Just one swipe is all you need for your skin intake and with salicylic acid and fruit acid complex you also get some skin exfoliation too – key for reviving dull skin and boosting radiance. This is low maintenance beauty without skimping on quality and a little tip is you can cut the cleansing pads in half to get more use!

    An overnight skincare hero

    Another great serum for all things glow and overall skin health is the L’Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum. Hailed as a skincare hero, this award-winning serum ticks every woman’s wishlist – fresh, more youthful, well-rested, glowing and radiant skin.

    Light and almost water-like in texture, this fast-absorbing serum is infused with some pretty luxurious ingredients including Marjoram which has anti-ageing properties and Acmella Oleacera which helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and expressions lines. 

    The magic, however, is tiny gold bubbles which release as you massage this into your skin. You can kinda see them suspended at the bottom of the bottle. What is it? It’s Immortelle Oil Extract which is an anti-oxidant and increases collagen for firmer, smoother skin.

    Fancy stuff I know but definitely a good one and worth checking out.

    So have you tried any of these before and what are your faves for getting your glow on?