• The Sunday Edit: 2017 Resolutions

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    As January is now well and truly underway, there are no excuses and goals and resolutions have become a bit of a habit for me now.  They give me something to work towards but rather than overload myself with a long list, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 resolutions, so here goes:

    Clear off my “to do list”.  From my makeup draw to my paperwork and my wardrobe.  The aim is to dedicate an hour of power each week to clear off the items on my list with the real goal being to keep all of these things clear!

    Exercise. I have never been a gym person and prefer to just exercise at home which involves at least 30 mins on my exercise bike coupled with some toning exercises.  It also serves as a great de-stresser but when I’m not on top of everything else it’s sometimes the last thing I feel like doing when I get home.  That needs to change and I’ve already set the ball rolling and feel better for it.

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    Remove toxic people.  2016 taught me that some people just aren’t nice and that’s ok but I don’t need to deal with that.  I can take a lot but when people consistently make the same mistakes again and again despite being told how it makes you feel…something needs to change.

    Practice gratitude everyday.  I mentioned in one of my recent posts here about how I keep a gratitude journal.  I want this to be a part of my daily routine and something I do without fail.  This is a great way to reflect on your day, yourself and all the things you have to be grateful for.

    Get up to speed with the technical side of blogging. Not the most glamorous but understanding all the things that happen behind the scenes of a website and social media as well as all that technical jargon is something I want to understand and get better at.  A lot of the things I’ve either had done for me or just learnt by chance but I want to feel more confident in this area.

    So that’s my top 5, what are your top 5 resolutions for 2017? x