• My Favourite Dark Nail Varnishes

    Darker nails for winter 9

    My favourite nail colours every Winter have always been the berry, ox blood and black but not quite black shades. They just go so well with the whole Winter attire….right?  In the past I was always wary of wearing the really dark shades, but tastes change and I now find it very classy and chic and a darker nail goes with just about anything.  So here’s a round-up of my favourites in this category:

    Swatched from left to right below, is Olivia Palermo x Ciate London in Napa Valley. Ok, so who doesn’t love Olivia Palermo?  This for me was an instant grab when I went to Sephora in the States last October and from the packaging to the colour and formulation, it really is a classy nail varnish, just likes its creator!   If you wear just one coat it’s kinda like a darker red but with two coats it turns into an ox blood shade but it has a brightness and warmth to it that stops it from being overbearing.

    Chanel’s Rouge Noir is something I’ve mentioned before in a previous post here so of course this would feature in one of my favourites for a darker Winter nail.  It’s a cult favourite for good reason and of course with Chanel on the nails I’m going to feel super chic.  The first coat always applies a bit streaky (I would expect better from Chanel), but after two and sometimes even three carefully applied coats this is basically a rich burgundy that in some lights can look black.  It looks especially good when I wear my nails shorter.

    Revlon’s Scented Nail Polish in Bordeaux is a gorgeous deep wine colour and is a bit similar to the Olivia Palermo one in Napa Valley.  I don’t care too much for the scented aspect of it but the colour is lovely and I think the bottle is so cute.

    Lastly is Tanya Burr’s Nail Varnish in New York Night.  This is what I would describe as one of those vampy colours.  It’s not for the light-hearted and although it’s not technically black, it looks very black when on the nails.  Again, it looks great when I wear my nails shorter and it also featured in my essentials for Winter post here.

    So can you see yourself wearing these colours?  Let me know in the comments below. x

    Darker nails for winter 10