• Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne

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    Ever since I discovered the wonderful store that is Jo Malone, I’ve always made a point testing everything there is, getting utterly confused and then walking away empty-handed.  It’s always been frustrating because there are so many unique scents to choose from, but I just couldn’t find something that I was crazy about. However, that was until the recent launch of the Mimosa and Cardamon Cologne, which has now become my first ever Jo Malone love.

    Described as a bohemian scent with a top note of Cardamom, a middle note of mimosa and a base note of tonka bean, you would think that the cardamom would make it too spicy and foody like an Indian dessert, but definitely not.  In fact, the mix of these three simple ingredients is just divine making it love at first smell.

    The scent is sweet, soft and comforting but by no means safe and boring.  I find it more of a feminine scent but then it has that shot of masculinity which gives it that complexity I like and the tonka bean adds a vanilla creaminess.

    I also love how I get wafts of it throughout the day and for someone who has so many scents I love, this really is unique that I can’t help but keep smelling it straight out the bottle! I would seriously recommend having a little sniff test of this one and I think if you are anything like me, you will want this.

    I’m so glad I have found my first ever Jo Malone love, but what about you?  Which Jo Malone Cologne would you recommend? x

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