• Trying Something New | Ted Baker Beauty

    Ted Baker is one of those brands that has its trademark.  The flowery prints against pastel backdrops, the bows and those very pretty, feminine details make it a brand I can completely associate with.  I’ve mostly bought their clothing over the years and their range definitely comes in the high-end category, competing with the likes of Karen Millen and Reiss.  I find it surprising when many people don’t know that they also have a beauty range.  It shouldn’t be so surprising since nearly every brand, even Primark, have extended into the world of beauty, as well as stationery and homewares.  And why not?

    It’s nothing new but of course it’s dangerous for the purse strings as it now means I can rarely walk out of a store empty-handed, since there will always be something that catches my eye.  Talking of which, I’ve been eyeing up the Ted Baker beauty range in Boots for ages now.  Luckily it’s a lot more affordable than some of the other things I purchase and I couldn’t wait to adorn my dressing table with these girly pieces.

    I kept it simple and went for what I thought I would get the most use out of.  First up is the Blush Pink Body Lotion.  I’m normally quite skeptical when it comes to scented body lotions and hand creams as I feel like sometimes the aesthetics are more important than the actual skincare properties.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with this.  With notes of jasmine, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood and musk, this has a soft floral scent that is not in the least bit overpowering – I prefer that as I do not like body lotions or hand creams which interfere too much with my perfume.

    The texture is lovely and creamy and it spreads across the skin easily, making it feel very soft and hydrated.  It comes with a pump making application a breeze and the jewelled-like packaging is a stunner.  For 250ml this costs £8, which is great value for money.

    From left to right: Blush Pink Mini Body Spray, Blush Pink Body Lotion & Pretty Pearl Mini Body Spray

    The next two items are mini body sprays.  I went for minis as I was looking for something that can easily pop into my handbag for when I am out and about, rather than having to carry my normal perfume with me.  Although that said, you get 50ml of product in these teeny bottles which is pretty good going.

    The Blush Pink Mini Body Spray compliments the body lotion and has the same notes making this a light, easy-to-wear floral.  The other one I bought is the Pretty Pearl Mini Body Spray which, whilst also a floral, has more of a fruity twist to it as it has notes of soft rose petals and sandalwood with musk and raspberry leaf at the base.

    For body sprays, these are quite strong and also work well if you want to layer perfume on top of, or underneath.  At £3 for 50ml, I’m certainly not complaining and if you like florals then these are worth a spritz.

    As you can see, this range had me wanting to take out the most girlie props I could find as they epitomise “pretty in pink.”   If you want to add a soft, feminine touch to your beauty collection, you can’t go wrong with Ted Baker beauty.  As for me, it goes without saying that I’ll slowly be increasing my palette for this decadent and highly affordable range.  I’m not sure how their makeup would fare, but when it comes to bath and body, their range is on-point, with the body lotion in particular, a winner.

    So, have you tried anything from Ted Baker beauty before? x