• The Oskia Restoration Oil & Eye Wonder

    Oskia Restoration oil & eye wonder

    I do love my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye, but sometimes you want to go that step further, you know, push the boat out a bit, which is kinda what happens when you ask for any other recommendations at Space NK.  Having been pointed towards Oskia, a brand I have frequented myself with before what with their amazing Micro Exfoliating Balm (see my post on this here) and the cult favourite Renaissance Cleansing Gel (see my post on this here), I had it on pretty much good authority that I would not be disappointed with the Oskia Restoration Oil and the Oskia Eye Wonder.  I’ve used both for well over 2 months now, so yes I am a bit late in getting my review out but at least both products have served the test of time.

    The Restoration Oil, as you would expect, is super luxurious and one of my night-time skin care staples.  Like I want from any facial oil that I use, it absorbs into the skin instantly leaving it hydrated.  It’s a great pick me up for tired and dull skin making it more supple and plump the following morning.

    Some key ingredients include Rose Hip Seed Oil which has healing properties, Starflower, Sunflower seed and Evening Primrose oils to improve elasticity, smooth and hydrate and Turmeric which evens skin-tone and promotes radiance – don’t worry, I can assure you the latter doesn’t turn your skin yellow!

    At £62, this isn’t cheap but it is a trusted high-end luxury brand and after 3 months I am only half-way through the bottle which isn’t bad going.  I tend to use 3-4 drops which I then massage on to my face and neck about 2-3 times a week but there’s nothing to say that you couldn’t use it daily.

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    The Oskia Eye Wonder is a serum based under-eye product.  Having tried various eye products over the years, serums and gels are by far my preferred formula as they are incredibly light-weight, absorb into the skin better and above all just feel more cooling.

    I don’t really think you can ever get away from making lines or dark circles fully disappear but this product definitely helps to camouflage things in that department.  It’s refreshing to use and makes the skin under my eyes a lot firmer, plus it sits well under my concealer too – that’s always important and a deal-breaker for me.

    The Oskia Eye Wonder has 13 youth-boosting actives (I would hope so since at £48 it’s another pricey one).  These include Vitamin E which acts as an anti-oxidant, Vitamin B3 which stimulates new collagen, Arnica to help reduce puffiness and dark circles and Milk Peptides to lift, tone and firm the skin.

    I know both are expensive but like I said you do get what you pay for with Oskia so if you are looking to up your game in the skin care department then do check both of these out.

    So do you think you would be interested in these products?  Let me know in the comments below. x

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