• A Skincare Combo That Will Keep your Skin Hydrated All Day
  • A Skincare Combo That Will Keep your Skin Hydrated All Day

    Hydrated Skin = Happy Skin

    If I’m honest, moisturiser isn’t something I’ve really put too much focus on in the past.  My tendency has been to grab anything I can get my hands on and that does a half decent job.  But lately my skin has been going through a somewhat weird phase; dry and tight in patches and just a bit bleh.  I’ve therefore come to the conclusion that I need something more hydrating and nourishing and let’s face it, you can put on all the makeup you want but a really a good base starts with skincare. Lucky for me I’ve got myself a little duo of products that work really well together and on their own, keeping my skin hydrated all day.


    First up is the Chantecaille Magnolia, Jasmin and Lily Healing Emulsion. This comes at a hefty price tag of £105 but well worth it in my opinion.  Lightweight but oh so effective I’d even call it a game-changer.  I’m not a fan of moisturisers in a jar so the fact that this is one you can dispense out of a pump gets a huge thumbs up from me. My only qualm though is that I can’t immediately see when I’m close to finishing this product.

    All that aside, this ticks all the boxes in terms of sitting well under makeup and it keeps my skin comfortably hydrated. There’s also none of that dreaded foundation piling in sight.  I love how this instantly brightens my skin and since the base is formulated with pure rosewater, this moisturiser is packed with plenty of anti-oxidant properties helping to soothe and calm the skin too.

    This evens sits beautifully under sunscreen and two pumps is more than enough to keep my skin consistently hydrated throughout the day as well as keeping it looking radiant and smooth.  Yes this is expensive but I would repurchase as having tried a fair few moisturisers, this one really works for me.

    Now for that added extra boost of hydration the Estee Lauder Set + Refresh Perfecting Makeup Mist is my fave.  You can use this mist before your makeup to help prime the skin, after to help set it and then throughout the day to refresh your skin and makeup. I’m not so sure on the makeup setting properties but for skin priming this works beautifully. By that I mean it does this weird thing of just making your skin looking that extra bit naturally radiant.  I also genuinely feel like my makeup looks more fresh with a few light mists of this after I’ve applied my Chantecaille Healing Emulsion.

    This unassuming looking product is pretty underrated in my opinion and in all honesty I just bought it on a bit of a whim only to find that it’s now a firm favourite.

    Like I said both of these products work wonders on their own but the magic happens when used together and in the harsh winter days to come there’s no such thing as over-hydrated skin – at least not for me.