• Some Fashion & Beauty Finds From & Other Stories
  • Some Fashion & Beauty Finds From & Other Stories

    Some Fashion & Beauty Finds from &Other Stories- feat &Other Stories products styled on bed with Megan Hess book

    Discovering some hidden gems…

    I love those stores that do a bit of everything.  A bit of fashion, a bit of beauty, a bit of jewellery…that’s exactly what & Other Stories is about.  This one-stop styling destination houses collections from Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles, which makes sense since their stores have that modern, urban vibe to it.

    Their super feminine collections of makeup, skincare and the like instantly draw you in – it’s almost impossible not to walk away with something.  In short, it really is one of those places where you discover some hidden gems.  Luckily my beauty finds have been practical as well as pretty and I might have picked up some accessories along the way….

    First up I seem to have a habit of collecting hair texturising sprays and a quick spritz in store had me dropping these two hair styling products into my basket.  Perhaps it was the sleek black and pink combo, or rather the utterly gorgeous scents that made them incredibly hard to resist.  The Fullness Texturizing Spray gives the hair that lived-in look without that horrible stiffness and it’s perfect for adding volume on those limp-hair days.

    “…this hairspray smells so so beautiful…”

    Even though I don’t use hair spray all too often, I always like to make sure I have one to hand.  Nothing too strong though as I’m all about the natural look.  The Universal Hairspray not only smells so so beautiful, but it keeps everything in place without the crunchiness and at £10 for 250ml, I think it’s pretty good value for money.

    When it comes to liquid hand soaps, if it’s not Carex I regard it as a bit of a “just because” purchase.  They aren’t really necessary and I’m actually just as happy with the drugstore options but something a bit different every so often never hurt.  At the very least it makes the bathroom look super luxe and luckily this Nomad Poem Hand Soap doesn’t break the bank either. There’s even a whole variety of scents to choose from and I went for this warm, woody scent.  I guess the only thing it’s missing is anti-bacterial qualities but I chose to forego that on this occasion.

    “I’ve got a real thing for dainty pieces of jewellery…”

    Of course hidden gems in the form of jewellery is an added bonus and at the moment I’ve got a real thing for dainty pieces of jewellery.  & Other Stories is the perfect place for just that and I often go to their accessories collection first when I’m in store.  They do those classic timeless pieces that are a great go to when you just want to add that something something to your outfit.

    This set of three rings and fan shaped bracelet give that barely there look which I love.  And they are super feminine too. They do a few statement pieces too but it’s their more subtle range that I love best.  You can check out their full jewellery range here.

    Some Fashion & Beauty Finds from &Other Stories- feat &Other Stories rings and bracelet styled in window sill with vaseSome Fashion & Beauty Finds from &Other Stories- featbirds eye view of &Other Stories rings and bracelet styled in windo sill

    “…a repurchase was needed.”

    If you read my Beauty Highlights Post, then you’ll know I mentioned the & Other Stories Floribunda Lip Balm.  This has been such a staple in my beauty routine that a repurchase was needed.  This lip balm is so rich but without that really greasy feeling on the lips and particularly perfect for chapped-lips-season!  I love the chic packaging too.

    Lastly is nail varnish.  It’s one of those items I know I don’t really need because yes I have every shade of red available, but I just pop it into my basket without even thinking.  They just look so alluring.  As you can see below, the packaging is very cute and the formula is pretty good too.  I have a habit of chipping my nail varnish from the get go but overall performance and lasting power is no different to any other nail varnish and they have an amazing colour selection.

    I went for the colours Vivant Ciment, a gorgeous blue-toned grey in the Paris Atelier Range (pictured on the left below), Pekin Cherry in the middle and Ruby Chute on the right – both are in the red family with Ruby Chute a slightly deeper cherry red than Pekin Cherry.

    Some Fashion & Beauty Finds from &Other Stories- feat &Other Stories rings and bracelet styled in windo sill

    So that’s it for now.  But I’d love to know if anything caught your attention and have you ever checked out their store?  It’s definitely worth a visit if you can find one near you as it’s a nice shopping experience especially if you are a beauty lover like me!   x